Bring Your Brand Into Focus

Use your closed-brand community to engage your audience and spread your vision. "Pay to play" is not the only way.

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Go Interconnectted

  • Private

    You are the gatekeeper. Set your own community member entry criteria.

  • Customizable

    Design the experience to your liking. Customize to make it unique and captivating.

  • Powerful

    Cutting-edge tools to make your online community sing. And moderation on tap if you need it.

  • Secure

    Enterprise-level security to keep your community secure. No sleepless nights.

Escape the Tyranny of the Algorithm

Escape the Tyranny of the Algorithm

  • Own the focus

    The interactions within your community are not competing with content dictated by someone else’s algorithm.

  • Own the data

    Data-driven insights deliver a competitive advantage. Community is a great opportunity to gather a rich set of first party data without it being mined by software owned by third parties.

  • Keep it safe

    Avoid having your brand messages appear alongside unsuitable content.

Power Your Business

Power Your Business

  • Gather feedback

    Obtain insights into the needs, wants and habits of your customers that can be fed into product development.

  • Increase selling potential

    Integrate your brand’s shopping experience and rewards and loyalty platform with a branded social network.

  • Increase traffic

    Communities have a halo effect for other brand digital real estate and properties.

Create a Richer Relationship

Create a Richer Relationship

  • Collaborate naturally

    Use the rich set of social features to foster rewarding interactions across the online community.

  • Boost engagement with superfans

    Superfans will participate in co-creation projects and will defend the brand if negative stories arise.

  • Build partnerships

    Consumers will be receptive to ‘light touch’ messaging about products and services that are relevant to their needs.

  • Enhance your reputation

    Demonstrate your willingness to empower customers and signal you are in listening mode.

Drive Community Growth

With access to all your digital activity, user engagement, and post analytics, you can use your data to optimize content and drive community growth.

Turn on Monetization

If desired, you can decide to generate revenue with features like e-commerce tools, subscription options, in-line advertising, and more.

Create a New Kind of Social Network. Your Own.

Build a secure digital community that makes it easy to explore, collaborate and share.

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